Misja Fundacji


"Mission Statement" was adopted by the Board of Directors in March 2000


The Polish-American Freedom Foundation seeks to advance democracy, civil society, economic development and equal opportunity in Poland and, ultimately, in other Central and Eastern European countries.


The Freedom Foundation builds on the Polish people’s historic achievements in establishing free market democracy since 1989, a success that the United States has strongly supported.


The Foundation was made possible by the extraordinary accomplishments the Polish-American Enterprise Fund, a pioneering U.S. initiative that promoted entrepreneurial development in a free Poland, working from the principle that the people, given an opportunity, some know-how assistance and initial capital, could succeed.


The Freedom Foundation works from the same premise - that people provided with the opportunity, can successfully control their own destinies and build their own democratic structures. It provides grants and otherwise assist NGOs and local initiatives. It supports young leaders who will soon face the challenges of the new century. It promotes equal opportunity and also reforms in education, public administration, and health care. It supports systemic changes and development of Poland’s still troubled areas, such as the countryside.


The Foundation implements its statutory goals in a flexible and open manner. It developes partnerships with non-governmental organizations, both those that have proven themselves and new ones that show initiative and promise.


Poland’s success in carrying out its free market, democratic transformation is already providing key experience for other nations emerging from communism. The Foundation will develop programs in order to share with Central and Eastern European people the experience and lessons learned from more than ten years of reforms.


Under the joint Polish and American leadership, the Foundation aims to promote the core values shared by both peoples: democracy, freedom, and respect for each individual. These values have linked us for centuries and bring us together in solidarity as allies.