The 10th edition of the “Act Locally” Program has started
The 10th edition of the “Act Locally” Program has started

Almost 100 representatives of 67 Act Locally Centers from all over Poland cooperating within the ALC Network took part in a "New ideas, practical solutions" training session in Warsaw. The meeting marked the inauguration of the 10th edition of the “Act Locally” Program.

The participants of the training session were welcomed by Paweł Łukasiak, President of the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, and Joanna Lempart-Winnicka, the Polish-American Freedom Foundation Program Director. In her address Joanna Lempart-Winnicka presented the school of local initiatives animators, a new initiative that is the “breeding ground of local leaders”. She also spoke about continuation and development of the nation-wide and local thematic paths that serve broadening the offer of the “Act Locally” Program for both ALCs and the program participants.


The first part of the meeting started with information about the main points of the 10th round of the “Act Locally” Program. The presentation was conducted by Paweł Zań, the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland Program Coordinator. The second speaker was Waldemar Wiśniewski representing SHOPA organization, who presented the Design Thinking method, consisting in development of innovative solutions based on understanding of the recipients’ needs and their problems. That method is mainly applied in business, nevertheless many of its elements are useful in social activities designing.



Next Jacek Jakubowski, a psychologist and a coach, an expert in development of network cooperation in NGOs, spoke about “Cooperation based on empathy”. He noted that the only sensible reaction to the change is adjusting to it through permanent learning and development. This in turn is possible only through shaping interpersonal relations based on empathy and cooperation, that is on establishing a task community. Such approach enables building of the organizational culture.



The following lecturer, Andrzej Person, a sports journalist and politician, focused on sports stars who start their career at a local level and sports as a factor stimulating activity in small communities.



During the second part of the meeting the participants took part in simultaneous workshops that focused on innovative solutions and practical aspects of work carried out by the Act Locally Centers.


Philippe Vitry, a foreign visitor, a former manager in the banking sector and presently an expert in fundraising, presented an innovative tool invented by him - the Sharingbee multifunctional fundraising platform that can be successfully used in everyday work of Act Locally Centers.



Malina Wieczorek, the head of the Telescope Agency, spoke about effective social communication and methods of reaching the target group of recipients with a right communication. Based on examples of social campaigns, the participants debated on real impact of such campaigns on the target groups.


Jolanta Czernicka from Iskierka Foundation discussed the issue of NGOs cooperation with business in health and sports popularization and opening thematic paths in the “Act Locally” Program.


Very popular was also the workshop conducted by Tomasz Schimanek, the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland expert who shared with the ALC representatives his knowledge on legal changes in the regranting mechanism.


The training sessions for Act Locally Center representatives take place once a year. Their objective is to strengthen access of the ALC Network to new trends and solutions available for the Polish third sector.


For over 16 years, the “Act Locally” Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, managed by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, has supported and activated local communities in small towns and villages through civil initiatives that serve stimulating developmental aspirations, improving quality of life and building social capital. In cooperation with the ALC Network, 67 Act Locally Centers have implemented over 8600 projects worth over PLN 75 million.


by Kalina Grzeszuk-Zajączkowska

Photos: Marcin Skiba