50 Finalists of this-year’s Entrepreneurship Olympiad Selected
50 Finalists of this-year’s Entrepreneurship Olympiad Selected

After the day-long contest at the district stage we now know the list of 50 young economists who will compete for admission to the public economic universities and prizes in the finals on April 6. The best young economists were selected from among over 1,000 senior high school students who took part in the district qualifying round.


The contests on March 2, 2017 were held at the public economics universities, that is Warsaw School of Economics and universities of economics in Katowice, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław. Firstly the students had to do the test checking their knowledge of economics and management. It also required excellent orientation in current economics and business world situation as well as issues linked with the slogan of the this-year’s edition of the Olympiad – Leadership in Business. At the second stage, the 50 best contestants in each district worked in groups solving the set of case studies. The final stage was the team presentation of selected case studies. The Competition Commissions in each of the districts selected 10 people who will take part in the Finals.



“The point threshold in the Warsaw School of Economics district was traditionally very high – to qualify to the second stage the contestants had to score 41.5 points in the test, with the minimum result that could be scored equal to minus 37.5, and the maximum one - plus 75 points. This means that the students were superbly prepared,” Bartosz Majewski from the District Commission of the Olympiad at WSE in Warsaw assesses. “The second stage, finding solutions in case studies was also very demanding despite the fact that the subject of this year’s round – Leadership in Business – seemed to be quite easy.”


The contestants and their schools have already received awards at the district stage. All participants of the district stage of the contest are entitled to participate in the e-learning course of business development and received books published by Difin. Their school will receive a license for a year for Antyściąga.pl plagiarism detecting system. One of the schools, Queen Jadwiga Senior High School Complex No 4 in Jaworzno, received also an interactive whiteboard for multimedia uses, funded by Plagiat.pl company as the Olympiad special award.


The test done by the Olympiad participants at the school qualifying stage and other information on the initiative can be found at: www.olimpiada.edu.pl  




The Olympiad is organized by the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education. The co-organizers are the following universities of economics: Warsaw School of Economics and universities of economics in Katowice, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław. These universities have offered the finalists and winners of the Olympiad to make the qualification procedure significantly easier for them. Additionally, the best contestants will receive attractive prizes. Apart from that, all participants of the district stage of the contest are entitled to participate in an e-learning course of business development, receive books published by Difin and invitations to take the exam for YoungMBA Certificate.


Also the winners’ teachers and schools will be honored. In appreciation for their involvement, the tutors will receive valuable prizes. The schools of winners will be awarded with the set of publications helping their students to prepare for the next year’s contest. The Olympiad special award, an interactive whiteboard funded by Plagiat.pl company has already gone to a school drawn from among those whose students qualified for the district qualification, and all these schools received from Plagiat.pl a 50% discount for the one-year license and implementation of the Antyściąga plagiarism detecting software. Additionally, 25 schools from which the biggest number of participants applied will be awarded with books on the subject related to the slogan of the Olympiad 12th round.


The results of the Entrepreneurship Olympiad are considered in the All-Poland High Schools Ranking prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily in cooperation with Perspektywy weekly.


The Entrepreneurship Olympiad is financed by the National Bank of Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation acting as the Olympiad Strategic Partners, and gets a subsidy from The Ministry of National Education. The initiative is also supported among others by Difin Publishing House, Plagiat.pl, the Educational Enterprise Foundation, Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Employers of Poland, the Polish Economic Society, the Association of Enterprise Teachers and Economic Education and the Student Forum Business Centre Club. The media patrons are Głos Nauczycielski, NBPortal and Perspektywy.pl,.


Source: Office of the Entrepreneurship Olympiad