Submit candidates for the Sector 3.0 PAFF award
Submit candidates for the Sector 3.0 PAFF award

The objective of the award presented annually during the biggest technological festival for NGOs, Sector 3.0, is promotion of initiatives aimed at use of new technologies by non-profit organizations. So far, among the award winners are such organizations as Itaka, Katarynka and TUS. This year it may be your organization that wins the prize of PLN 40,000.


Organizations that would like to apply can use a special form published below.


The applications will be accepted from April 12, 2017 to May 4, 2017, 23:59 hrs.


As Małgorzata Peretiatkowicz, the person responsible for Niepeł, the Internet platform supporting the disabled, which was the winner of the last-year Sector 3.0 PAFF award, says: “The award gave Niepełnosprawnik a cushion that allowed its further technological development. But it is worth noting that the mere fact of winning the award has significantly improved our image. Niepełnosprawnik was identified as a modern technological solution and many tenants/administrators learned about us. That was a real added value.”


“We believe that information and communication technologies have significant impact on both effectiveness of the organization as such and its ability to implement its statutory goals in the ever-changing world. The Sector 3.0 PAFF award was created to highlight good practices and give a clear signal that we attach great importance to practical use of opportunities offered by the Internet and new technologies in social activities,” PAFF Program Director Radosław Jasiński says. The award is dedicated to organizations which use ICT tools creatively for their everyday activities.


The Competition Committee appointed to assess the submitted applications will be guided by the following criteria:
• The scope and results of the activities that serve popularization of new ICT in the third sector;
• Experience and achievements in creation, development or adaptation of ICT solutions for the needs of NGOs;
• Practical benefits of the to-date organization operation in the ICT area;
• Innovative and practical use of information and communication technologies in the organization everyday activities and implementation of statutory goals.


If two or more candidates score the same number of votes, the Competition Committee Chairman will decide who the winner is.


The most interesting projects will be presented at portal.


The award winner will be announced on the first day of the current round of Sector 3.0 Technological Festival.


Application form

Competition Rules

Source: the Information Society Development Foundation