Win the bridge scholarship for your studies!
Win the bridge scholarship for your studies!

The Educational Enterprise Foundation announces the 16th round of the Bridge Scholarship Program. A several hundred bridge scholarships for the first year of studies await ambitious and gifted high school leavers from villages or small towns, and low-income families, who will start their full-time studies this year. The scholarships of PLN 500 a month will be paid for 10 months.


The Bridge Scholarships Program is an extensive scholarship system offering students financial support for the 1st and subsequent years of university studies. Eligible to apply for the scholarships are high school leavers from villages and small towns, who perform well at school, come from low income families, and will start full-time studies at the public universities. Additionally, they have to meet one out of the following four conditions: come from the family of former collective farm worker; are finalists of one of the high school Olympiads; come from a large family, a foster family or a children’s home, and have recommendation of a local NGO.


The objective of the program is to help young people begin their university courses by granting them scholarships for the first year of study and support also their further academic education.


"I wouldn’t be able to continue my education, if didn’t receive the bridge scholarship which allowed me to study and live in Warsaw. I used the money for the student residence hall rent and the expenses of travelling to university", Szymon, the bridge scholarship holder, says.


The bridge scholarship for the 1st year of study amounts to PLN 5,000 and is paid in 10 monthly installments of PLN 500 each. After the first year at university, those students who perform well can get scholarships for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies, as well as learning a foreign language, studying at a university abroad, studying at doctoral courses or doing internships in the United States or Poland.


In the 2017/18 academic year some 1,000 students will receive scholarships and possibilities to participate in various workshops and internships. Among them there will be several hundred students who will be granted scholarships for the first year of studies.


The enrollment to the program will take place on-line at The applications will be accepted from July 3 to August 18, 2017, 16:00 hrs. The detailed terms and conditions of participation in the program are described in the Program Rules (together with the Annexes) available at the program website.


So far more than 20,000 various scholarships have been granted under the program, including almost 15, 000 for the 1st year of studies.

The Bridge Scholarship Program is one of the biggest non-governmental scholarship programs in Poland thanks to involvement of a broad group of the Program Partners, that is: the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, the National Bank of Poland, the Rural Development Foundation, the BGŻ BNP Paribas Foundation, the m-Bank Foundation, the PZU Foundation (State Insurance Group), and a coalition of some 100 local NGOs. For fifteen rounds of the program the Partners have disbursed close to PLN 100 million.


The program is managed by the Educational Enterprise Foundation


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Source: the Educational Enterprise Foundation