Konferencja dyrektorów „SUS”
“LES” Directors Conference

“Director – teaching staff meeting – learning and teaching as three areas of development” conference was held in Warsaw on November 16 and 17, 2016. Over one hundred directors of schools taking part in the “Learning Schools” Program (LES) from all over Poland shared their knowledge on actions supporting school development.

15 lat „Szkoły z Klasą”
15 years of the “School with Class”

A conference summing up the 15th anniversary of the “School with Class” initiative and inaugurating its another edition was held in Warsaw on November 15, 2016. The event was attended by the co-founders of the initiative, its allies, and first of all participants of this-year’s “School with Class 2.0” as well as of the previous editions, including the “School with Class”, the “School with Class Academy”, “Lego”, “cogito”, “ago”, the “Teacher with Class”, the “Students with Class” and the “School of Thinking”.

10. edycja Nagrody im. Ireny Sendlerowej „Za naprawianie świata”
The 10th edition of Irena Sendler Award for “Repairing the world”

The award has been granted for 10 years to teachers who educate in the spirit of tolerance and respect for others. This year’s winner is Zofia Cofałka from Junior Hight School No 2 in Chorzów. The ceremony of presenting the Irena Sendler Award for “Repairing the world” was held in the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. The partner of the initiative is the “Learning Schools” Program.

Under the “Learning Schools” (LES) Program, implemented since 2000, comprehensive activities have been conducted to improve the quality of Polish education on the basis of the best foreign models. The quality of Polish schools, especially those in rural areas and small towns, is raised chiefly by improving the teaching techniques of teachers. The “LES” Program introduces an original quality-enhancement system into their daily practice which ultimately increases the autonomy of the teaching staff, bolsters the position of the headmaster as the leader of his school's transformation process and improves teamwork. All this leads to improved teaching results.


A broad offer of the “LES” Program encompasses teacher training, staff workshops, conferences for headmasters, Internet courses, a systemic program facilitating the introduction of formative assessment, educational labs and post-graduate studies. Schools participating in the program develop organizational solutions professionalizing teachers' performance and monitoring the effects of their efforts as well as sharing the best practices. The program's implementation has resulted in quality improvement in key areas of the school's activities: effective education (teaching and learning), the school as an institution and the school's relations with the outside community.


In the course of the program's 15-year history, more than 3,100 schools have participated (including more than 1,200 in the core part of “LES”, introducing them to the basis of the formative assessment). More than 65,000 teachers have taken advantage of the training opportunities offered within all components of the “LES” Program.


Two major projects have been carried out since 2009 – the “Online Teachers Academy” (OTA) and the “Students' Academy”. The former is Poland’s largest online distance training system for teachers of various subjects in different types and levels of schools as well as kindergartens. “OTA” courses make use of e-learning and online coaching and among other things, serve to prepare teachers to use modern information technologies in their work with pupils. “OTA” offers seven year-long courses. In the 2014/15 school year more than 1,500 teachers took part in “OTA” training courses, and in 2015/16, next 1,500 people applied to participate in the project.


The many-year experience gained in the implementation of the “LES” Program was used in the “Students’ Academy” Program, completed in 2015, financed from the EU funds. Its objective was to promote math and science at the junior high school level. The program covered 310 junior high schools, 1,500 teachers and over 40,000 students. Among other things, the participating schools received grants for running student math, physics, chemistry and biology research clubs, young discoverer’s kits and an opportunity to take part in science fairs.


Since 2007, the “Post-Graduate Studies for Educational Leaders” Program has been carried out in cooperation with Collegium Civitas and the All-Poland Educational Management Staff Association. Their objective is skill-improvement training for management staff: headmasters and supervisory organs as well as the staff of the school superintendents’ offices. So far, 291 persons have received the post-graduate study program’s completion diplomas.


PAFF is a partner of the “School with Class 2.0” undertaking, promoting the use of information and communication technologies in learning and teaching. It expands on the “School with Class” mass campaign, launched in 2002 and inspired by the “LES” Program. It was conducted by the Center for Citizenship Education in cooperation with the “Gazeta Wyborcza” daily newspaper. By the end of 2015, all stages of the undertaking were completed by more than 8,500 schools from all over Poland. Its extensions were such initiatives as the “Teacher with Class”, “Lego, Cogito, Ago”, the “Student with Class” and the “School of Thinking”. In 2014, the “First Class Teacher” pilot project was launched that offers training, expert support and inspiration for early childhood education teachers. By the end of 2015, almost 800 teachers joined the project.


The Foundation has disbursed $10,392,954, including $670,045 for the current edition of the program.


Program Manager:
The Center for Citizenship Education Foundation
10 Noakowskiego St. Ap. 1, 00-666 Warsaw
tel. (48 22) 875-85-40, fax (48 22) 875-85-40 int. 102


Responsible within PAFF:
Katarzyna Maniszewska (Program Director)

supported by Katarzyna Świątkiewicz (Program Officer)