Zdobądź stypendium pomostowe na studia!
Win the bridge scholarship for your studies!

The Educational Enterprise Foundation announces the 16th round of the Bridge Scholarship Program. A several hundred bridge scholarships for the first year of studies await ambitious and gifted high school leavers from villages or small towns, and low-income families, who will start their full-time studies this year. The scholarships of PLN 500 a month will be paid for 10 months. The applications will be accepted from July 3 to August 18, 2017.

Studenci z Wrocławia najlepsi w zarządzaniu
Students from Wrocław best in management

Students of economics and management from universities all over Poland contested in "Enterprise, Finance, Management" competition held in Łódź on May 18-20. As in previous year, the winner was the team of Wrocław University of Economics. The members of best 5 teams received attractive financial prizes. PAFF was sponsor of prizes.

Wyłoniono 50 finalistów tegorocznej Olimpiady Przedsiębiorczości
50 Finalists of this-year’s Entrepreneurship Olympiad Selected

After the day-long contest at the district stage we now know the list of 50 young economists who will compete for admission to the public economic universities and prizes in the finals on April 6. The best young economists were selected from among over 1,000 senior high school students who took part in the district qualifying round.

This undertaking was launched in 2002 in response to a serious social problem – the clear disparity of access to higher education between urban and rural youth. The program helps talented young people from small localities, including former state-owned farm areas, make the decision to begin university studies by offering them first-year scholarships.


The Bridge Scholarships Program is a joint undertaking of many partners. It is financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, the National Bank of Poland, the Rural Development Foundation, the PZU Foundation (State Insurance Group), the BGK Foundation, the Orange Foundation, the BGŻ Foundation and a coalition of some 100 local NGOs. The undertaking is implemented with the organizational assistance of the Agricultural Property Agency and in cooperation with Professor Bronisław Geremek’s Center as well as the Unit for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard” Foundation. During the fourteen editions of the program the Partners have disbursed close to PLN 100 million, including PLN 56.7 million provided by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Since 2006, under the “Diploma of Dreams” campaign intended to encourage and support additional local NGOs to become involved in scholarship initiatives, 179 organizations have extended assistance to 5,228 scholarship holders.


Since the beginning of the program, a total of over 20,600 scholarships have been awarded, including nearly 15,000 scholarships for the first year of studies. In the 2016/17 academic year, 1,128 students and doctoral students have received scholarships, including 700 for the first year of studies.


The program is currently a scholarship system whose offer goes beyond support for the first year of studies. Scholarship holders who do extremely well in their academic pursuits have a chance for assistance in successive years of study - for the second year they may enter the “Top Student” competition. They may also try for corporate scholarships for their third and fourth years, a “Study Abroad” initiative and doctoral scholarships. The program’s offer also includes language scholarships and workshops preparing scholarship holders for entering the job market.


Also available under the program are summer internships in the United States (“the Polish-American Internship Initiative”), organized in cooperation with the US Embassy in Warsaw. In the years 2011-2016, 85 students have worked as interns in 11 companies: Archer Daniels, Midland Company, Boeing, Chevron North America, Citigroup, General Electric Hitachi, MoneyGram, Pittsburgh Glass Works LLC, Raytheon BBN Technologies, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Westinghouse Electric Company.


One segment of the program offered scholarships addressed to high-performing students of economics from small towns and rural areas, enrolled in non-state institutions and private business schools. Between 2001-2014, nearly 7,000 such scholarships were awarded.


As a survey conducted among the Bridge Scholarships holders shows, 94 percent of the program alumni believe that the scholarship significantly improved their financial situation during their university studies. A survey conducted among scholarship holders studying at the first and second year shows that the Bridge Scholarships definitely improved financial situation of more than 80 per cent of them. 90 percent of graduates had grade averages of “good” or better, and 70 percent completed them without any delays. A mere 4 percent dropped out.


Through its Bridge Scholarships Program, the PAFF also lends support to the scholarship initiatives and volunteer activities conducted by the Good Network Foundation. These include portal, Poland's largest internet service dedicated to scholarships, as well as the “Good Scholarships” competition promoting the best scholarship programs carried out by local governments, schools of higher education, companies and non-governmental organizations.


The program’s media partners are “Rzeczpospolita” daily as well as “Forum Akademickie” (the Academic Forum) and “Perspektywy” (Perspectives) monthly.


The Foundation has disbursed $21,101,786, including $102,147 for the current edition of the program.

Program Manager:
The Educational Enterprise Foundation
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Polish-American Internship Initiative:


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Responsible within PAFF:
Radosław Jasiński  (Program Director)