Trwa 10. edycja konkursu „Seniorzy w Akcji”
The 10th edition of the “Seniors in Action” competition is going on

The competition is addressed to people 60+ and inter-generational pairs who have an idea of a civic project, want to work on its development, and implement it with support of experts, experienced animators and other program participants. We invite you to submit your letter of intent by March 28, 2017.

Pierwsze warsztaty 4. edycji „UTW dla społeczności”
First workshops in the 4th “TAU for Communities” edition

The 4th edition of “TAU for Communities”, implemented as part of the “Third Age Universities” Program, has been launched. For next dozen of months, ten Third Age Universities will work on establishing and developing groups of volunteering and social activities.

Finał 3. edycji projektu „UTW dla społeczności”
Final of the 3rd edition of the “TAU for Communities” initiative

The meeting closing the 3rdedition of the “TAU for Communities” initiative was held in Warsaw on October 15. Teams representing 10 Third Age Universities met to sum up their dozen-month work, including creating volunteer and civic activity groups as well as to discuss with others their activities and success stories.

The objective of this program, launched in 2005, is to support education and stimulate social energy of the elderly as well as intergenerational initiatives. It is mainly carried out by supporting and promoting the civic initiatives of senior citizens and harnessing their potential, knowledge, experience and time to benefit communities. Support for the Third Age Universities’ environment is also provided.


Within the “Seniors in Action” competition, grants and training are offered to people over 60 years of age, who wish to carry out on their own or in cooperation with a young person civic and intergenerational actions based on their own ideas. The competition is addressed to active senior citizens involved in activities both within the framework of Third Age Universities and in cooperation with various organizations and institutions. So far 264 intergenerational projects stimulating seniors to act for the benefit of their communities and promoting their voluntary work have been carried out. 33 projects are implemented within the 8th edition of the competition. Accounts on their implementation are available at the “Seniors in Action” blog.


Within the framework of support for Third Age Universities, the program offers training, workshops and an opportunity to share experiences at national conferences for TAU representatives. In 2004-2012 all-Poland gatherings were held in Kraków, Bydgoszcz, Słupsk, Płock, Warsaw, Nowy Sącz and Katowice. In 2011-2013, the program gave its support to 14 regional meetings of the Third Age Universities. Within the program, events important to the TAU environment are also provided with support – the annual Third Age University Forum, which is part of the Economic Forum in Krynica, and the Nationwide TAU Conventions.


Since 2013, the TAU representatives have been provided with an opportunity to take part in a series of workshops “TAU for Local Communities”, which support the establishment of voluntary sections at TAUs and initiate cooperation with local communities (details available at:


In 2005-2008, within the grant competition addressed directly to the Third Age Universities, 131 grants were awarded for projects improving the quality of the educational offer, including computer and Internet courses enabling the Third Age Universities' to reach a wider audience of senior citizens as well as stimulating seniors’ involvement in activities benefiting their local communities, particularly through voluntary work.


The Foundation has disbursed $4,053,336, including $167,937 for the current edition of the program.


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