Ruszyła czwarta edycja „PROMENGO”
The 4th edition of “PROMENGO” is on

On February 2, 2017, a lecture given by Prof. Andrzej Blikle inaugurated the 4th edition of the “NGO Managers – PROMENGO” training program of the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation. The program is managed by the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation as part of the broader PAFF’s “Support for NGOs” Program.

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15 years of

The portal is the biggest and one of its kind web portal devoted to non-governmental organizations. In its 15 years of operation it transformed from a simple information provider, publishing a couple of news daily, to an important medium for the third sector, a source of knowledge and support for various foundations and associations. Today, the portal is known to at least 73% of Polish NGOs.

Zakończenie I edycji „PROMENGO”
The 1st round of the “PROMENGO” summed up

The meeting summing up the 1st round of the “NGO Managers” (“PROMENGO”) Program implemented by the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation was held at the PAFF’s Representative Office on May 24, 2014. The special guest at the event was Dr. Ryszard Stocki, who gave a lecture on organization management.

The program provides institutional support for non-governmental organizations and community leaders in Poland, especially in small towns and rural areas. The support includes access to information, advice and training. It leads to the improvement of the conditions in which third sector organizations operate and thus to more effective operations and successful implementation of civic projects.


At present, the program operates along four paths.


The first is the “Mutual Information Society” (“MIS@NGO”) – the NGO information system whose main component is the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Portal, including a database of ca. 150,000 non-governmental organizations. In 2016, it scored a monthly average of more than 700,000 page views a month and more than 530,000 users. The system also comprises an Informatorium (information center) with its 801-646-719 hotline, research and publications as well as “Third Sector” quarterly journal published by the Institute of Public Affairs.


The second path is “EURO-NGO+” – it is aimed at increasing the nonprofit organizations’ ability to acquire European Union funds. It is a continuation of PAFF's “EURO-NGO” Program carried out in 2003-2006, thanks to which Polish NGOs learned about structural funds and increased their competencies, which enabled them to apply successfully for EU funds. The program supported third sector organizations in building partnerships, advocacy activities and becoming involved in planning structural funds for the years 2007-2013 and currently – 2014-2020. Information activities are carried out via the service, while advocacy activities by the National Federation of Polish NGOs. The offer includes experts’ support.


The third path – “NGO Training” comprises two components. The first is the “Financial Management for NGOs” (“FIM@NGO”) which includes training, counseling and publications for people responsible for financial management of non-profit organizations, mainly those operating beyond major metropolitan areas. All told, during the period 2000-2016 more than 4,000 people representing 2,900 organizations from all over Poland took advantage of such training opportunities. The training courses are implemented by the Civil Society Development Foundation. The second component, launched in 2013, includes a comprehensive educational offer for NGO managers. It comprises the training program “PROMENGO”, the “Kursodrom” e-learning platform that has already been used by over 3,200 people as well as workshops devoted to NGO management. It is implemented by the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation, set up by PAFF.


The fourth path is a continuation of selected activities conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs as part of the “Citizen and Law” Program, completed in 2014. The purpose of the program was to make citizens’ access to civil counseling broader and easier and to encourage them to avail themselves of their rights in the public sphere. The continuation is aimed at popularizing its effects, supporting information and publishing activity e.g. via the portal and the “Third Sector” quarterly, as well as monitoring the activities aimed at the regulation of access to free legal and civic counseling.


Additionally, under the program, the PAFF has been a co-organizer of the annual meeting of rural organizations in Maróz. Nearly 300 representatives of 160 organizations from different regions of Poland have participated in the meetings which promote integration, experience sharing, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills as well as cooperation. The meetings are organized by the Rural Development Foundation and the “Nida” Development Foundation. PAFF also supports the third sector condition research which is carried out cyclically.


The Foundation has disbursed $8,614,649, including $544,057 for the current edition of the program.


Program Managers: 


„MIS@NGO”:  The Klon/Jawor Association
5 Szpitalna St. Ap. 5, 00-031 Warsaw
Info-line (48) 801-646-719, fax (48 22) 828-91-29

Non-governmental Organization's Portal:

"FIMANGO": The Civil Society Development Foundation
6 Kłopotowskiego St., Apt. 59/60, 03-717 Warsaw
tel.(48 22) 616-33-16, fax (48 22) 616-32-46,


“NGO Training”: The Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation
ul. Królowej Marysieńki 48
02-954 Warszawa
tel. (22) 550 28 10


“Citizen and Law”: The Institute of Public Affairs
ul. Szpitalna 5/22, 00-031 Warszawa
tel. (22) 556-42-60, fax (22) 556-42-62


Responsible within PAFF: 
Radosław Jasiński (Program Director)