Szkoła Edukacji PAFW i UW – rekrutacja na rok akademicki 2017/18
The PAFF and UW School of Education - enrollment for the 2017/18 academic year

The Polish-American Freedom Foundation and University of Warsaw School of Education announced enrollment of students for a year-long course for future Polish and mathematics teachers. The enrollment of candidates for the 2017/18 academic year will last until March 31, 2017.

Andrew Nagorski odwiedził Szkołę Edukacji PAFW i UW
Andrew Nagorski visited PAFF and UW School of Education

On November 22, 2016, Andrew Nagorski, an American writer and Chairman of the PAFF Board of Directors visited the PAFF and UW School of Education. He attended Polish studies classes and had a meeting with students and staff of the school.

Prof. Terrence C. Mason z wizytą w Szkole Edukacji PAFW i UW
Prof. Terrence Mason visit to PAFF and UW School of Education

On September 5, 2016 r. the PAFF and UW School of Education hosted Dean of the School of Education of Indiana University Professor Terrence C. Mason. The meeting was a valuable opportunity to talk about cooperation and experience sharing by both institutions as well as University of Warsaw, represented at the meeting by Prof. Jolanta Choińska-Mika, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Teaching.

The School of Education of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the University of Warsaw is a new initiative aimed at preparing candidates to teacher profession. Over first years of its operation, the School is to educate Polish language and math teachers. Starting from the 2016/17 academic year, the School offers a one-year full-time postgraduate studies that closely combines theory with practice. The School of Education was established thanks to the engagement and cooperation of PAFF, University of Warsaw, Foundation for Quality Education and Center for Citizenship Education.


The innovative curriculum, carried out in an unprecedented in Poland format of daily postgraduate studies, has been developed in cooperation with a prestigious teacher training institution – Teachers College, Columbia University.


Prior to launching its operation, the School of Education recruited staff; 13 people out of 160 applying were selected. They include experienced educators, the Ministry of Education experts and consultants, the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University academic teachers, as well as doctoral students and doctors.


The offer of the School of Education is addressed to graduates of MA/MSc studies in Polish language or mathematics. The current, pilot edition (academic year 2015/16) is participated by 22 students. The School of Education graduates will obtain the teacher license required to be entitled to work in elementary, junior high and high schools.


Students will have both academic classes as well as teaching practice at schools. Teaching practice is the key part of the curriculum, and experiences gained in this way will be discussed on an ongoing basis. The School of Education is responsible for the quality of the teaching practice and it cooperates with a network of carefully selected, Warsaw-based schools.


The first edition of the studies is free of charge for students. This-year applicants will also have an opportunity to take advantage of the scholarship offer prepared for them, which, among other costs, covers subsidies for accommodation in Warsaw.


The PAFF and UW School of Education also plans to open the Alumni Office offering long-term support to graduates, including, wherever possible, assistance in finding employment as teachers.


The School of Education is located in the UW Center of New Technologies building in Warsaw. The Program Manager on behalf of PAFF is the Foundation for Quality Education, established for that purpose by PAFF two years ago. In November 2015, the Foundation for Quality Education and the University of Warsaw established a joint institution, the Center for Innovations and Educational Research. The Center will develop two components: research and didactic, the PAFF and UW School of Education being part of it.


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The Foundation for Quality Education

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Responsible within PAFF:
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