Zakończenie XVI edycji Programu Kirklanda
16th edition of the Kirkland Program completed

The closing ceremony of the 16th Lane Kirkland Scholarships Program took place on 29 June in the Ballroom of the Tyszkiewicz Palace of the University of Warsaw. Diplomas were awarded to 45 scholarship holders who joined the almost 700-strong group of all Kirkland Program alumni to date. Dr Paweł Kowal, former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Member of the seventh-term European Parliament, participated in the meeting as special guest.

Tegoroczni stypendyści Programu Kirklanda spotkali się w Krakowie
Meeting of this year’s Kirkland Scholarship holders in Kraków

On March 9-11, the scholarship holders took part in various meetings devoted to local government and NGOs which allowed them to learn about good practices in the area of local development and support for civil society worked out at the regional and local levels. The guest of the scholarship holders’ meeting was Andrew Nagorski, the Chairman of the PAFF Board of Directors.

Inauguracja Programu Kirklanda w roku akademickim 2015/16
Inauguration of the Kirkland Program in 2015/16 academic year

45 scholarship holders from 8 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia have started their university courses in Poland. On September 18, a ceremony opening the 16th round of the Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program was held at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The objective of the program, implemented since 2000, is to share Polish experiences in transformation and European integration with representatives from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia during two-semester complementary studies at Polish universities. The program is currently addressed to candidates from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus as well as Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan.


Under individual study programs, the scholarship holders study selected aspects of economics and management, public administration and business, law, social and political sciences, journalism, NGO management and culture management.


The program begins with a introductory course, the purpose of which is to provide students with and systematize their knowledge of the history and current political and social situation of Poland. Kirkland scholarship holders then proceed with their individually-programmed studies at universities in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Lublin. They prepare their end-of-term papers and diploma dissertations under the supervision of academic tutors. They also participate in integration meetings, thematic integration gatherings and traineeship at state institutions (including the Supreme Court, National Bank of Poland and marshal offices) as well as non-governmental organizations and private sector firms. Courses on civic project implementation and teamwork supplement the curriculum.


In September 2016, the Kirkland Research Program, a pilot project implemented as part of the program, was launched. It offers one-semester research internship for people with established position of a scholar coming from the above-mentioned countries. The course is in the form of individual study supported by a tutor and shall result in an academic paper written by the intern.


Each year, the program is participated by approx. 45 scholarship holders. Between 2000 and 2016, 699 scholarship holders from eleven countries completed the program. Of that number 373 were from Ukraine, 137 from Belarus, 47 from Georgia, 43 from Russia, 25 from Armenia, 19 from Moldova, 18 from Kazakhstan, 12 from Lithuania, 10 from Slovakia, 8 from Kyrgyzstan and 7 from Azerbaijan. The majority of scholarship holders studied economics and management, and law as well as social science, journalism, political science, and international relations. Academic staff have accounted for the largest professional group followed by public officials and experts.


Following the program’s completion, contact with graduates is regularly maintained thanks to the bulletin, reunions of graduates and the website The alumni conferences, held every 3-4 years, help to maintain graduates’ contacts with Poland and establish new contacts. They also make the opportunity to broaden the Kirklanders’ knowledge of Poland and the European Union and discuss possible directions of transformation that shall take place in the countries of the Region. Former scholarship holders are supported by the Coordinator of Post-Scholarship Projects whose task it is to maintain graduates’ contacts with Poland and encourage them to undertake joint initiatives such as graduates’ associations.


In 2015, the 5th Conference of the Kirkland Scholarship Program Alumni was held. It was attended by almost 300 people from 11 countries. Among the guests were Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, Jarosław Pietras and Andrew Nagorski. The conference was of special character as it was combined with the celebrations of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation’s 15th anniversary celebrations, also attended by Kirkland Program alumni.


In the years 2001-2013, the program was managed by the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission. Then, until 2016 the manager of the program was the Education for Democracy Foundation.

The Foundation has disbursed $12,007,319, including $362,619 for the current edition of the program.


Program Manager:
The Leaders of Change Foundation
Al. Jerozolimskie 133 lok. 56
02-304 Warszawa

Program Director: Urszula Sobiecka

tel. (48) 504-103-904


Responsible within PAFF:
Renata Koźlicka-Glińska (Program Director),
in cooperation with Agnieszka Mazur (Program Officer)