„Shape your future” –  Festiwal Sektor 3.0 już 30 i 31 maja
“Shape your future” – Sector 3.0 Festival already on May 30

How to prepare a good viral marketing campaign? How to use virtual reality to raise funds for your organization? These are only some of the topics that will be discussed by the participants of Sector 3.0 Festival, the biggest in Poland event dedicated to new technology application in social activity. The meeting will take place in Warsaw on May 30 and 31 and will be attended by almost 600 people.

#Sektor2016 – numerem jeden na Twitterze
#Sector2016 – ranks No 1 on Twitter

Over 60 speakers from seven countries, more than 600 participants and a prize of PLN 40,000 for TUS Foundation - that is how one can initially encapsulate “Sector 3.0” – the two-day event devoted to the Internet and use of new technologies by NGOs that was held in the Copernicus Science Center on May 18-19.

Zakończyły się szkolenia nowych Mobilnych Doradców
The training of the Mobile Advisors is completed

Mobile Advisors, active in the whole of Poland, are one of the most important elements of the “ICT for Local Development” Program. They have been joined by more than 30 new experts.

The program has been implemented since 2012 and is a continuation of PAFF's activities aimed at supporting the use of new information and communication technologies for local development. Its goal is to broaden the knowledge and skills of non-governmental organizations’ employees, in particular coming from small local communities, in an effective use of such technologies in their everyday work in order to facilitate their activities.


The implementation of the program was preceded by a series of analyses which had been carried out by the Unit for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard” Foundation. Consultations with domestic and foreign experts were held. Information collected on the progress made by NGOs in the ICT field and on the knowledge and qualifications of their staff in that area has been made available.


Under the program, thematic training for NGOs was carried out showing examples of using modern technologies in communication, marketing and management. Subsequently, some of those organizations received grants for purchase of hardware and software as well as for financing projects focusing on the practical use of ICT in third sector activities. The program's offer also includes an ICT Mobile Advisors’ Network – 80 experts providing free educational and technological support services for local NGOs. So far, Mobile Advisors have provided counselling 3,000 times and 2,000 NGOs’ representatives from all over Poland benefited from it.


The program also comprises the financial component in the form of the Fund supporting the creation of new ICT tools that can be then used by non-profit organizations. Particular emphasis is placed on providing knowledge on how to identify potential areas where information technologies can be harnessed by NGOs. A network of TechClubs has been set up in sixteen Polish cities where representatives of NGOs, business, local governments and the academic community meet on a cyclical basis to share experiences on putting the potential of modern technologies to practical use. Since 2012, the TechClub meetings have been participated by more than 12,000 people.


An important part of the program is the annual international “Sector 3.0” conference, held in Warsaw. They gather representatives of non-governmental organizations, ICT professionals from business circles, politicians, academics as well as foreign experts (including representatives of the USA, Great Britain, South Korea and India). They constitute a platform for the exchange of information about current trends in the wide ICT and Internet use in social/civic activities. In 2012-2016, over 2,600 people participated in the six editions of the annual “Sector 3.0” conference held in Warsaw.

The Foundation has disbursed $1,593,379, including $100,781 for the current edition of the program.

Program Manager:
The Information Society Development Foundation
ul. Puławska 14, 02-512 Warszawa
Contact person: Dawid Szarański
mobile: +48 530-69-11-99

the Program's website: http://sektor3-0.pl





Person responsible within PAFF: Radosław Jasiński (Program Director)